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Outdoor Baby Swings

Selwood realises that climbing frames are for families. With this in mind, we produce baby seats making our products suitable for all the family. Our baby swing seat is ideal for little ones that can't sit up without back support. It's the perfect attachment to create a toddlers climbing frame

Outdoor climbing frames get kids outside, and baby seats will get them outside from an early age. You will quickly find out if your child likes the sensation of flying freely, but safely, hopefully, they will start an early liking of playing outside. This much better than sitting in front of a TV or games console, let a climbing frame raise them.

Safe Baby Swing

Safety features with adequate back support and font handle to hold onto and they can grip tightly from a young age. Youngsters can stop themselves falling out of the seat the sides offer the support needed you can leave them swinging happily and take family photos.

Baby seats are solid and have four points of contact making it stable, levelling it is child's play. Baby swings naturally go back and forth and are difficult to generate momentum in other directions, making them safe to use alongside other swings.

Will a baby swing help them sleep? Maybe they will be far too excited for sleep? Giggles and smiles may tire them out. We leave this for you to discover.

Resale - gumtree and eBay are great places to offload them when baby outgrows the seat unless you're planning another little person

Make your own swing out of fabric iin case you don't want a plastic baby swing.

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