30 Deals of November

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The leaves are still falling, the nights are drawing in and those chilly mornings have made a return! With the sounds and sights of fireworks in the air and poppies being worn by all in remembrance, it can mean only one thing; it must be November!

Keeping the children active outside at this time of year can be tricky, with Halloween long forgotten, and empty sweet wrappers from trick or treating lining the dustbin – what can we do to encourage our little (and big!) ones to step outside in the chilly weather? It’s certainly not all about what’s on TV this month as we have Guy Fawkes Night to look forward to on the 5th November. Remembering Guy Fawkes himself and those that plotted to blow up the houses of Parliament with explosives in 1605, as well as wrapping up warm and spending some quality family time together outside. Here at Climbing Frames UK we are all for spending more time outside and encouraging play, whatever the time of year! Why not have your own Bonfire Party complete with hot dogs and hot chocolate in the garden, ad in some sparklers and you have a great family evening ahead of you. Many local village firework displays are held on public recreation grounds where the children can enjoy the bonfire and firework display and then spend some time on the play equipment afterwards. Rounding up their evening with some time on the swings, slides and play houses can really help to wear them out before bed!

What about encouraging them to play in your own garden at home? How about a climbing frame or play set? As November is only one of four months with 30 days length in the yearly calendar, Climbing Frames UK are launching their ’30 deals of November’ promotional offer. With a different offer each day combining play sets, swing sets, trampolines and much more alongside their fantastic climbing frames. If your little ones love to bounce around then why not treat them to the Audley play set this November which comes with a free 14ft Trampoline! Or if they love to be creative in the sand then take a look at our Belfort play set which comes with a free sandpit, guaranteed to provide hours of outdoor fun!

Climbing Frames UK has a wide range of play sets, swing sets and climbing frames. All guaranteed to provide years of enjoyment and play for your children; Making outdoor play fun, whatever the time of year!

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