5 Rainy Day Activities For Children

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We Brits love to hate it, we spend hours discussing it and have come to the conclusion the summer may be full of it – Rain. Of course as retailers of outdoor play equipment we more than most hate the rain. We love chilly winter mornings, we love bright spring days, we love crisp autumn afternoons and of course we love brilliant sunshine. But what we don’t love is the rain.

However, we are realistic people here at Selwood and no matter how many stop-the-rain dances we do we know the rain will keep on falling. So we thought we would offer a helping hand when they are reluctant to get out on their climbing frame and give you our top 5 rainy day activities you can turn to.

Go camping – You may not be able to go outdoors but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors in. You could use a boring old tent or you can mix it up a little and use kitchen chairs, bed sheets, towels, sofa cushions to build forts and dens inside. Serve the kids lunch in there, get them telling stories and perhaps invite friends over for a sleepover.

Scuba diving – Fill the bath with toys and pass them a snorkelling mask. Let them explore the murky depths of the ocean and have them tell you what they find. A great way to actually get them in the bath and clean and also explore their imagination.

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Go digging – If you already have one of our sand pits why not lay down a blanket or some newspaper and bring the sand pit indoors or fill up a large plastic tub if you don’t already have a sand pit. Hide several toys beneath the sand and get your children to find them. You could even blind fold them and get them to describe to you what they feel and have them guess what it is. This works on their fine motor skills and sensory interaction skills.

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Race car driving – Everyone has cardboard boxes lying around the house and if not they are easy to get hold of for nothing at supermarkets. Explain that you will be building and designing race cars. Give them coloured paper, paint and any other materials to decorate their race cars.

Brave it – The old saying if you can’t beat ’em join em comes to mind. The weather happens to be one of the only things we can’t control nowadays so giving into it sometimes feels quite good. Wrap the little ones in waterproofs and wellies and take them puddle jumping. Perhaps, if you’re brave enough, let them make sloppy mud pies. As long as they’re not out there too long the fresh air will do them good. Then head inside for a warm bath and a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

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