Skyfort Climbing Frame

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“Excellent product the children (as well as their friends) loved it. It has given them hours of fun and us hours of peace and quiet!”


“We spent a long time looking at climbing frame options, and eventually settled on the Sky Fort because it seemed to be made of the best natural materials (cedar) and had a good range of things for the kids to play on. We especially liked the look of the “crow’s nest” – something which no other climbing frames we looked at could match. Well, we haven’t been disappointed! The kids loved seeing the climbing frame take shape as we built it over several days. When we finally “unveiled” it for them to play on, they took great pleasure in figuring out all the different ways they could get from A to B. The thing looks so good, we were almost tempted to sell the house and move in! The kids have decorated the “house” part of it by putting pictures on the wall and we’ve even got a clock underneath by the picnic bench now. It’s a home away from home! Highly recommended”




“Fabulous piece of equipment. Really classy! Excellent quality, easy to follow instructions, first rate customer service. My grandson loves it! Would recommend to anyone:-)” 



The Skyfort Climbing Frame is a very popular frame. Perfect for older children and larger gardens it includes all our best features!

Like all our frames the Skyfort is made from Cedar wood. This is a tough, durable wood ideal for climbing frame construction.  Due to naturally occurring preservatives in the wood preventing fungal growth, and a distinctive scent which repels insects, the wood does not need treating with harsh chemicals which could be harmful to your children. Finished with a light water based stain to add extra protection from the elements, our frames are strong, safe and attractive. They also come with a 10 year warranty on the wood.

This frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this set is not suitable for commercial use.

Fun play features include:

  • A 1.5m Deck. This means it is particularly suitable for taller children.
  • Cabin on the upper deck – perfect secret hideout.
  • Green wavy slide. Super speedy, with a fun wave in the middle, high railed sides for added safety.
  • Monkey Bars for energetic children!
  • Sandpit Area – great for the little ones
  • Cafe Counter which can encourage imaginative play.
  • Solid Rock Wall for a more adventurous ascent.
  • Crows Nest complete with play telescope.
  • Ladder for those who prefer an easier route.
  • Swings. Two comfortable moulded belt swings.
  • Glider for extra swing based fun

Not only is it super fun, but attractive too. The Skyfort comes with a full wooden roof, cute little windows and a working door too. The cabin on the upper deck even has a little porch, so it is like a playhouse and climbing frame all rolled into one

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A large garden is required for the Skyfort. The footprint of the frame is 5.08m by 6.88m, with the full height being 3.8m. This is another benefit of using attractive cedar wood, the frame will fit comfortably into natural surroundings and not stick out like a sore thumb!

The Skyfort is like the rest of our climbing frames and is designed for for home assembly. You may be concerned that you cannot build a structure like this, but all our sets come with an easy to follow manual, pre-stained wood with pre-drilled holes, and each piece is numbered for ease, Even someone with very basic DIY skills could build this. Because of it’s size it will take a couple of days to build. Why not have a look at our manual?


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