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Parts Centre

We try our best to supply all our products in pristine condition. Unfortunately, due to the number of parts, size and weight of the products, on some occasions damage may occur during delivery. If this has happens to you then we give sincere apologies we do understand your frustrations. We will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Although we take great care in selecting the best quality lumber available, wood is still a product of nature and susceptible to weathering which can change the appearance of your set. As part of the manufacturing process, all wood parts are kiln dried before packaging. Once stored away for prolonged periods the wood becomes deprived of moisture which can cause small surface splits along the grain.

One of the main reasons for weathering is the effects of water (moisture); the moisture content of the wood at the surface is different than the interior of the wood. As the climate changes, moisture moves in or out of the wood, causing tension which can result in checking and or warping.  Checking is surface cracks in the wood along the grain. A post (4” x 4”) will experience more checking than a board (1” x 4”) because the surface and interior moisture content will vary more widely than in thinner wood.

Before submitting your parts request to us please review the images below with regards to common characteristics of wood and what we deem acceptable in relation to splitting, checking and bowing among wood parts. The damaged images on the left highlighted with green ticks would require replacing

Minor cosmetic defects like surface splits, do not need replacing, these have red ticks below. Surface splits once installed and exposed to the outside elements will close up.  When unpacking and installing, small nicks/chips can occur on some wood parts. You can rectify this with a light sand & touch up. 

This is a link to the online parts form. Completing this form is the most efficient method of claiming your parts and is sent directly to the parts/after sales department who will deal with the request as a priority.

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