Special Offer – Ickworth Climbing Frame

Selwood have launched a special promotion this week on the Ickworth Climbing frame. If you are looking for a unique play set for the kids to enjoy this summer then look know further.

The Ickworth  incorporates swings, monkey bars, spiral slide and both upper & lower playhouses into one climbing frame.

Constructed from cedar wood this fantastic play set comes with a full 10 year wood warranty against rot and infestation. Cedar has a number of positive attributes giving increased stability, strength, less cracking and checking than in standard pine or spruce larger dimensional lumber.

Key Features

Monkey Ladder Swing

The Ickworth features the Three position monkey ladder swing combination unit. This includes two yellow belt swings as well as an acrobatic trapeze for the children to test themselves on. The three position offers that extra swing option as well as a longer monkey bar to help build the children’s climbing strength and fine motor skills.

This is perfect for larger families as it offers the space for three swings to operate at once. The Selwood glider is also compatible with this unit and can be easily incorporated via the swing hangers provided.

4ft High Curved slide

The spiral curved slide is one of the most popular slides we have on offer at Selwood. The curved slide range consists of slides slightly longer than all straight slides. This is predominately down to the design of the curved slides with the fixed bend in place that curves round to the front of each play set. This feature not only gives children a slightly longer ride but adds great character to the overall appearance of the frame itself. The curved slides for the 1.2m (4ft) decks are 3.05m (10ft) in length.

Upper and Lower Playhouses

The Ickworth Climbing Frame has a deck at 1.2m from ground level measuring 119cm by 90cm. The upper play decks walls are securely filled in by wooden panels making it extremely safe for your children to play on the upper deck. Small window gaps have been left at the top enabling your children to look out over the garden below and wave down to mum and dad from their fort. The lower fort features an enclosed playhouse with window and door opening.

Rockwall ladder

For entry to the top play deck kids can choose to climb the fantastic 4ft high rock wall ladder. This is perfect for younger climbers as it features gaps between the slats as well as the rocks. The gaps are there for those less confident climbers who may want to use the slats as footholds to help them climb. Moulded plastic rocks offer a slightly more challenging climb than a standard step ladder.


The play set boasts a large vinyl chalk wall supported on the upper play deck. Here children can draw and express their own artwork, lay down climbing frame rules and play games such as naughts & crosses.

Cafe Stools

Fixed to the cafe section of the lower playhouse are a fun pair of metal stools with round yellow plastic seats for children to rest their legs. Here children can have a rest, quick drink or bite to eat.

To view the Ickworth and more of our fantastic play sets please visit our website.


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