A Boy with Asperger’s Reviews Our Sandpit

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If you have been keeping up with our Gallery Competition you will have seen all the fantastic pictures and reviews sent in by our past customers. We love seeing these pictures and we enjoy hearing about how our climbing frames, sandpits, trampolines and other products are used in your homes. Remember to keep submitting your images here.

Recently we sent one of our Selwood Sandpits to the author of A Boy With Asperger’s, Claire Louise. This is a fantastic blog which gives a frank account of a family living with Autism. We loved the approach of Claire’s blog post on our sandpit. The sandpit was a huge hit with all three of her little ones and even her niece who came over to join in the fun. Claire managed to turn it into a learning tool for her 11 year old son who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. She explained ‘Little man is very tactile defensive and I’ve been using the sandpit to hide different objects then giving him the opportunity to dig around and find them. This really helps him to get used to varying textures and is a great idea as part of a sensory integration plan.’

It’s great to know that a basic sandpit can bring so many different play and learning elements to a garden. It is fantastic to learn about all the different uses for our products like the sandpit. It is also good to hear what customers find useful. For example Claire was extremely happy with the cover which prevents cats using it as a giant litter tray. The fact that there is little to no maintenance required on our sandpits was also a huge benefit to a busy mum of three.

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