A Climbing Frames UK Mum Has Her Say.

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We would love to introduce you to one of our team, Vikki, who is not only a valued member of the climbing frames UK family but also a mummy.

When I was asked to write a blog post I was asked to blog about what I know, and at the moment a lot of what I know is climbing frames and babies. I have a 16 month old baby boy and without wishing his life away, I can’t wait until he is old enough for me to buy him a climbing frame. If I had the space and it was in my budget I would definitely go for the Skyfort playset. It’s my favourite climbing frame as it has so much going on. It has monkey bars, a slide, a glider, a sandpit, a rockwall, swings, playhouse and balcony. I also love the way it looks and can imagine when he has friends over to play they won’t get bored. It’s so spacious we could possibly move in there and all live very comfortably.

As far as budget and space are concerned the Chartwell climbing frame is more in my price range at the moment, I especially like the look of the wooden roof and the curved slide. I think my son would have great fun with the little café style area and playhouse. It also has two belt swings and a glider so hours of fun to be had. It again looks nice and at 5.28m x 2.9m it would fit perfectly in my garden.

As a mum choosing the right toys, outdoor play equipment, food, child care and activities for my little boy is always my main concern and the Climbing Frames website was built with that in mind. The product descriptions are detailed and descriptive and there is a fantastic comparison feature if ever you are undecided. There is also a great filter bar along the side so you can shop according to your needs – swingsets can be filtered by what features they have or even by the size of your garden.

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