A Playhouse With A Slide

Here at Selwood we sell stand alone wooden Climbing Frame forts with a slide. (A Playhouse with a upper deck & slide!)

If your looking for a wooden playhouse or climbing frame with a slide then consider these sets..

Playhouses with slides are very popular and these options are the best available on the market presently.

1. The Wake Climbing Frame

The Wake Climbing Frame features a upper deck playhouse with wooden roof. The upper play deck area is 120cm x 90cm providing the safe and fun area where your children can play. This Climbing Frame is made with Cedar Wood and comes with a 10 year wood warranty. Come off the upper deck is a 2.2m long wave slide. Great fun for all! The play deck also features a chalk board to keep them extra busy.

2. The Duchess Climbing Frame

Similar to the Wake Climbing Frame is the Duchess. This Climbing frame features the same upper deck with 120cm x 90cm play space and a 4ft height. However, this Climbing Frame has TWO 2.2m long wave slides. AND a wooden lower playhouse area, meaning this set has a upper and lower playhouse – two storey!!

3. The Peak Fort Climbing Frame

Part of our NEW Next Generation Range, this Peak Fort Climbing Frame is perfect for Small Gardens!
Wanting a ‘playhouse’ with a little bit more? Look no further! This is the perfect set for you!

The lower playhouse area features a opening door and windows, along with a movable bench. at the Rear of the Climbing Frame it has a combination Rockwall/Ladder to access the upper deck playhouse. the upper deck then has 3 options, the 2.2m wave slide, the green enclosed tube slide, or Monkey Bars to swing across.

4.The Catalina Playhouse

Wanting just a stand alone Playhouse without a slide? Here is our Catalina Playhouse….

This playhouse will provide your kids with space to create and imagine their own world. Whether it is a summer cottage or a lemonade stand to serve-up cool drinks to their family and friends, the Catalina is a great place to let their imagination run wild. It is detailed with a door, serving counter with awning, bench, shutters and a solid roof. The Catalina is as visually appealing as it is fun.

5. The Cedar Mansion Playhouse

Similar to the Catalina playhouse but on a bigger scale, is the Cedar Mansion Playhouse. This playhouse has a front veranda with a wooden roof, with a fence and wooden decking looking great in any garden. The windows have a white fascias, there is also serving hatch on the side. The door is made from the same quality cedar wood as the main playhouse. The front hatch has small wooden stall attached. It has plenty of space for a small party, host will be serve out the front hatch or side. Build your playhouse inside to your own it’s a “plank” canvas. You can fill it with drawings or whatever you want. This also inludes a playhouse platform that lifts the main frame of the ground.

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