A Summer Filled With Climbing Frame Fun

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The countdown to the summer holidays has officially begun. With it being approximately 7 weeks away this is the time to get thinking about keeping the little monsters occupied. And as parents we know this is no mean feat. Cooped up in the house jumping from one electronic toy to the next can cause everyone, mum included, to go a little stir crazy. We suggest getting them outdoors, into the fresh air and ultimately (fingers crossed) wearing them out.

Investing in a climbing frame is a fantastic way to keep children occupied and active during the summer holidays. It will also save a lot of money and stress. Piling several children, plus their friends, into the car and driving them to the nearest soft play centre can be testing at the best of times – then factor in the money wasted on refreshments, lunch, any extras needed/demanded along the way. Having a play park full of exciting features in your own back garden will be a life-saver as well as a money saver. Read our 18p a day blog to find out just how money saving.

We fully understand that buying a climbing frame is a fairly new experience to most people so we have filled our blog with lots of useful and helpful advice. First of all is advice on accepting the delivery of large items such as a climbing frames. Make sure you have made yourself available for the day of delivery as the delivery slot is 7am-7pm. Organise for children to be taken to school and picked up as popping out even for 10 minutes may cause you to miss your delivery. Also make sure you have rear access as delivery men will not take your goods through the house due to health and safety. Another piece of advice is to make sure you know exactly what you are having delivered and check it before you sign the Proof of Delivery. In particular check any items susceptible to breakage such as the slide. For more info on accepting your delivery click here

There is also a fantastic blog on Selwood Products about how to get started with your climbing frame build. We always say that it is not a complete breeze but entirely do-able and we know this from personal experience, having built our fair share of climbing frames in our time. We would strongly advise taking all the parts out of the box and labelling them first. Start with the parts with holes in first then move onto the parts with no holes. The best way to do this is to look at the length of the parts. Click here for more information on how to label your parts.

So the countdown to the madness has begun and as wise Brownies before us have warned ‘Be Prepared.’

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