Accessories to Jazz up your Climbing Frame

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If you have had one of our frames for a while and feel its time to add a few new features, our accessories page will step you in the right direction. We have a range of accessories available to jazz up your frame and to add more elements to the frame to ensure more years of fun to come!

Wheel AccessoriesCaptains Wheel

We have three wheels available to attach to the frame; the captains wheel, the high performance steering wheel and the ships wheel. These are really great to add a touch of excitement to the frame, where the kids can get into role playing as the captain of a ship or driving a car! All are available top purchase from the accessories page and can be attached to the fort of any frame.

Binocular and Telescopes

The Jumbo Binoculars, the Jumbo telescope and the Sleek telescope are very popular accessories! Made from heavy duty plastic and containing clear lenses, they can really spark the imagination of a youngster, your children will have hours of fun playing ‘lookout’ from the tree house fort!Telescope--3-_14-02-2012-1-35-12

Let kids spot the grown ups with precision from the top of the fort. In pirate games they can direct cannons or perhaps they can direct a large game of chess below them on the ground. Or it can be the ideal spotting post for a game of hide and seek.

Please Note: The Telescope and Binoculars play accessories are non-magnifying. This is to ensure the privacy of your neighbours.


If your frame does not already come with the seesaw swing then this is the perfect addition to a frame!2-Child-Glider_10-02-2012-5-1-59

The Selwood Glider makes a fantastic add-on accessory to any Selwood Products Climbing Frame.  The glider has two seats so children can sit back-to-back and ‘glide’ back and forth. The glider also has the benefit that it can easily be used by a single child if a friend or sibling is not available.

Please note; The Selwood Glider will NOT fit the Selwood 2009/10 Products Separate drilling of two holes into swing beam will be required if you buy this item to fit to the Andorra or Meadowvale set.

The Selwood Next Generation Glider has been designed specifically to work with our new range of Next Generation Climbing Frames, and makes a fantastic addition to the swing accessories available on the play sets.

Please note The Selwood Next Generation Glider will only work with Next Generation Climbing Frames ( Jute / Glee / Echo / Elan / Zest / Epic / Peak / Aero / Jazz / Toro / Rede / Nova )


Cafe Counter Add On: This is a quick and easy way to utilise the space below your climbing frame.

The wrap around playhouse transforms an otherwise unused area into a fun and exciting space that children can let their imagination run wild in. It can be a bustling café, a fruit and veg stall or even their own little home. The two cafe stools which attach onto the frame also provide the perfect place for tired climbers to rest their weary legs. It also features a sun canopy and a serving counter so little ones can even enjoy a lazy lunch in the sun.

Please Note: Cafe Counter Add-On for Selwood 1.2m (4ft) Forts


Playhouse PackageThis fully wooden playhouse attaches beautifully to a selection of our climbing frames to utilise the space below the upper play deck perfectly.Playhouse-Package_06-03-2012-11-29-58

Not only does it look fantastic it adds a whole new play dimension to an existing climbing frame. The large opening to the front can act as a serving hatch for thirsty climbers sat on the attached stools. Children can access the lower playhouse via the opening to the rear. The great thing about the lower playhouse is that it can be whatever your little ones want it to be a busy restaurant, a grocery shop or a milkshake bar. The gorgeous finishing touches like the functioning flower box and slatted walls make this accessory something very special

Please Note: Wooden Playhouse Add-On for Selwood 1.2m (4ft) Forts

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