Active Play – Climbing Frame Benefits

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At Climbing Frames UK we’re committed to developing products that continually encourage healthy activity for good old fashion play.

A Climbing Frame is the perfect play to ensure your children necessary daily amount of active play within the safety of their own back garden. Whether your children are running from the slide back to the rock wall for another turn, swinging away on the belt swing or glider, building sandcastles in the sandpit, or climbing across the monkey bars your Climbing Frame provides a wide range of play exercises that allow children of all ages to stay active and play together.

Active play is a essential part of every child’s development. When children participate in active play they develop healthy lifestyles by building strong hearts, muscle and bones and improving their motor skills, balance, co-ordination and reaction time. Through engaging in active play children don’t just gain physical benefits active play also builds essential skills including creative problem solving, co-operative behavior and team work. These skills help children build friendships and develop confidence and self-esteem.

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We at Climbing Frames are committed to encouraging physical health and inspiring active play to help children develop these essential skills and healthy lifestyles.

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