Useful Advice on Climbing Frame Delivery

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So much shopping is now done online that we are becoming more and more familiar with receiving deliveries. But there is a more recent trend amongst online shoppers where larger, higher value items are being brought via the internet rather than from shops. With this growing trend we thought it appropriate to give some tips on over sized goods (or ugly freight like climbing frames) deliveries in general.

As well as climbing frames, more and more of us are buying sheds, hot tubs, beds and home furniture from internet sites. Here is what you can expect from “ugly” freight delivery:

Delivery Types

First of all there are 3 different types of delivery available to those ordering over sized goods.

• There is 1 man delivery – this is simply a curbside delivery. The goods will be left outside your house and won’t be carried around to your garden. This will also mean you will have to be present for the delivery and will have to put the goods in a safe place yourself.

• There is a 2 man delivery. This means that your high value goods will be taken around to your garden for you rather than left on the side of the road. This is always the recommended option.

• The third option is an independent courier.

A few things to consider when ordering your over sized goods –

1. Access – Does your home have rear access? Delivery drivers will not take garden goods through your house due to health and safety guidelines.

2. Availability – your availability. You will need to make sure you can take time off from work or get someone to be at your house when the delivery arrives.

3 . Storage – These are large items consisting of several boxes. They may not be built for a few days or even weeks so storing them in a safe place is definitely worth giving some thought to.

Seven Until Seven

Once you have placed your order you will receive an invoice via email. The next stage is the booking phone call from a courier or booking office to book in your delivery. Over sized goods will always be an all-day slot. They cannot give a specific time and delivery can come any time between 7am and 7pm.

This leads onto our next piece of advice. Be prepared ahead of the day. On a standard “all day” delivery you won’t be able to do the school run or nip out to the shops so make arrangements accordingly. Normally if you are not at home to receive delivery, you can be charged by the retailer for a re-delivery. It is also important to make sure you know exactly what you’re being delivered and what it will look like. It’s also a good idea to know exactly how many boxes you are expecting. Print off the invoice and check it against your goods when they arrive.

Check Items

Before you sign the Delivery Drivers P.O.D (proof of delivery) check the product is what you were expecting and that it is in good condition. Of course within reason. The driver will be allotted 10-15 mins maximum per delivery so opening every box and checking every single piece of wood or unpacking all the boxes just isn’t practical. We advise you to let the driver know you quickly want to check the item then check the the bits that are most likely to become damaged in transit. For example with our climbing frames it would be the slide, for a TV check the screen and garden furniture check any parts that may be glass or easily broken.

Our manufacturers Selwood Products have now started putting huge stickers on our non-boxed slides to remind everyone to check them before the driver leaves. Once the POD has been signed, even if you are signing to say goods unchecked, as a consumer you have no protection or comeback.

A little about the Proof of Delivery:

As with most things it is a good idea to know what you are signing. The P.O.D is a document proving the items have been delivered to the customer. Once this is signed the consumer loses any right of recourse against the carrier. As far as retailers are concerned once the P.O.D has been signed their job has been done. Make sure any damage or missing parts are noted on the P.O.D and take note of how many days you have to report any problems. For Climbing Frames UK this is 30 days. Knowing these facts means you remain in control. If no damage to goods or to packing is marked on the POD your retailer has no recourse against the delivery company.

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