Advice on Building your Climbing Frame

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Many of you will have brought a climbing frame from us in the last few weeks ready to surprise your children on Christmas day. We know that at Christmas everything needs to be done 1000 times faster and with the least amount of hassle possible. For that very reason we have asked our Parts Specialist, Matt Chittock, to give his top tips for a successful climbing frame build. Working with our climbing frames day in, day out, Matt is a man who really knows what he is talking about.

The Key to Assembly Success.

1. Before you start lay out all the parts and check them off. The easiest way of identifying a part is by its length.

2. Notice how many holes there are on each piece and where they are located. This helps with identification.

3. Sort all screws, bolts, washers into piles.

4. Make sure to erect the climbing frame on as flat a surface as possible.

5. A cordless drill can save a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have one please click here

6. Climbing frames are large pieces of outdoor equipment and although it is possible for one person to assemble them on their own, we recommend two or more people.

7. Remember to drill pilot holes (sized 1/8th of an inch) before mounting lag screws.

8. Make sure you keep bolts loose and tighten on completion of the build.

9. Remember to firmly anchor the unit to the ground before using the ground anchors provided.

10. We recommend that you apply a wood sealant or protection at least once per year. Proper care and maintenance will help maintain the beauty of the set as well as ensure the maximum life of the frame.

Another little tip is to part assemble the climbing frame and perhaps keep the sections in a shed or garage. This way when the big build comes on Xmas Eve there is less time spent building and more time spent sampling mince pies and enjoying the festivities.

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