Andorra Climbing Frame Jubilee Special Offer

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Andorra climbing frame

Offering value, quality and play the Andorra climbing frame is one of our most celebrated and popular climbing frames. And until midnight Tues it is part of our Jubilee clearance special offer (click here to view all clearance items). The Andorra is a fantastic starter set and ideal for those with smaller gardens. We have compared products from all of our competitors and this is the best you can buy at this price. Competitors may have similar products but the only way they could match us on price is to leave off the roof or other accessories. Our vinyl roof is UV resistant and offers children some protection from the rain and sun when they are up on the play deck making the most of the vinyl chalk wall. We also think a roof finishes off this set beautifully.

  • Biggest And Squarest Deck At Its Price Point
  • Swing Beam With Two Belt Swings
  • Made Of Premium Cedar Wood
  • Great For Smaller Gardens
  • Unbeatable Price
  • Colour Coordinated UV Resistant Roof
  • Chalk Wall – Encourages Creativity
  • Sand Play Area Beneath
  • Easy Climb Rockwall Combo Ladder
  • 1m Deck Height and 0.98cm x 68cm Deck
  • 1.8m Slide Wave Slide

andorra climbing frame

As well as the roof and vinyl chalk wall the Andorra climbing frame has some great play features. There is the slatted rock wall which comes with professional style moulded rocks and gaps in the slats for little feet. The footholds between the slats means that young climbers who may not be as confident using just the climbing rocks can still use the rock wall.

The straight wavy slide is created with children and safety in mind. The high rails keep them safe at the top of the slide, stopping wobbles and tumbles. The bottom of the slide is also flattened out to stop children zipping down the slide and straight into the mud.

Of course the Andorra garden playset comes with our much celebrated belt swings. Our swings are made from flexible plastic so when children are clambering on and off it, it grips their hips stopping then slipping about.

Don’t take our word for it though take a look at this independent blog and review of the Andorra by Krista Godfrey. It is a great in-depth review which has loads of information for anyone thinking of buying this play set.

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