Backyard Adventures arrived in the UK to give Rainbow Play Systems some competition!

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Backyard Adventures


Backyard Adventures arrived in the Uk in 2004 through the respected retailer specialist website Climbing Frames UK.  Backyard Adventures are a Texas based firm and are widely regarded as pioneers in the Specialty and Modular Play set Business.

Backyard Adventures growth in the Uk has been amazing, with only Rainbow Play Systems operating in the Specialty Business in the UK, the consumer was looking for a competitor.

Backyard Adventures product can be seen at or at their display site in – Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Climbing Frames UK Managing Director Andrew Beard comments – “Rainbow Play Systems have without doubt been market leader in the UK Modular Market, but now we are here with our Redwood and Cedar Range, our Compression Clamp System, National Installation we have seen unprecidented growth and now feel that we have a very strong UK foothold.  Climbing Frames UK is a volume retailer of outdoor play equipment, and this has won us lots of customers that would have purchased a Rainbow Play System.  We are proud of our low margin and volume approach to pricing, backed up with high quality service.  We hold Rainbow in high regard, but feel that we can match or beat Rainbow Play Systems UK in every product category with our Backyard Adventures product quality, delivery timescales and always with our price”.

In 2009 Climbing Frames UK understands that investing in a “High End” modular play system is a bigger investment than ever.  We will help you maximise value for money, play value and aesthetic design for your garden.

With slipping UK Pound against the US Dollar products imported from the USA are set to rise in price.  Climbing Frames UK are able to match our 2008 Prices in the 2009 Season allowing buyers to not be penalised when buying their play center.

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