Before Your Climbing Frame Build

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Speaking to customers on a daily basis there are a few queries that come up regularly. One of which is the fact climbing frame parts aren’t labelled. We completely understand this can seem a little frustrating but there is good reason for it and we have put this blog together to make assembly as easy as possible.

Selwood Products, our climbing frame manufacturer, have learnt from other manufacturer’s mistakes and decided against labelling parts. Some manufacturers have tried using stickers but in the long and hot journey from China these fell off, got stuck to wrong pieces and caused more confusion than they solved. Others tried branding the pieces of wood but unless they were completely flat, which is rarely the case with natural products like wood, only parts of numbers came out making the process even trickier.

Using our own experience of climbing frame builds we have put together a few pointers for all those wanting to get started on their new playset:

  1. We recommend that you firstly separate the climbing frame parts into those that are pre-drilled and those that aren’t. Where the holes are drilled is a good way to identify what parts are what.
  2. It is important to note that the length of the pieces of wood will always be accurate and should match the manual. However the width written in the manual is the pre-plained dimensions (these are always quoted in the USA lumber market). So where the manual states 2in the actual width of the wood will be more like 2.75in.
  3. Once you have identified all those parts with pre-drilled holes move onto those without. Use a tape measure to help you with this.
  4. Using a pencil/post-it notes/chalk mark the parts as you go along.
  5. Lay all the parts out on the ground and group identical ones together.
  6. The fully illustrated manual will notify you of exactly what you need for each section so gather these together as you go.
  7. As the saying goes many hands make light work so having an extra pair of hands is always a bonus. However most of the build can be done by just the one person with the second helping with the more fiddly or trickier parts.

A few pearls of wisdom:

  • Make sure you lay all your parts out before you start and ensure you have everything you are meant to have.
  • Read the manual from beginning to end before you start so you have some idea on what happens at each stage.
  • We know what children are like, they are so excited to have their new climbing frame, they want to hop straight on it and start playing. But try to keep them off until the build is complete.

As with most flat-pack builds putting your swing set together does take time and patience but as long as you follow our steps and have a little patience you should be fine. Good luck. We have some other great build posts like Key to Assembly to success and Getting climbing frame ready you may also be interested in.

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