Benefit of Wooden Swings and Outdoor Swingsets

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What are the benefits of wooden swings and outdoor wooden swingsets? We all know sitting in front of the TV and playing video games are not health beneficial.  Being outdoors helps our children to become creative and this one thing that main manufactures Selwood believe in. It is also known that children sleep better when they have played outdoors.
Mika Swingset from Selwood Products

The benefits of outdoor play can be found physically and mentally. Physically we know the benefits strength endurance and builds coordination. Physical activity such as swinging on swing sets and climbing up rock walls is a valuable activity for children of all ages. Besides all the health benefits, playing outside stretches children’s thinking and knowledge. Children need coordination, they need a chance to practice their basic physical skills. Outdoor play time also allows children to move freely and make noise, forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors.  By using an outdoor play system designed specifically to challenge your childrens mind and body, you are giving them an opportunity to exercise and engage with other children, building confidence and health at the same time and without them knowing.

Make play groups in the back garden with your play centre, get a bunch of kids together and start games with them. Parental guidance is always recommended.  With any kind of swing system, you have the option to change the seating options – you can receive belt swings, toddler seats, baby seats depending on the childs age and fantastic 2 child glider, which can either be used with one child with their self-propelling motion or with another allow children of all ages can enjoy the outdoors.

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