The Benefits of Outdoor Toys

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Every child is different. All children develop at different speeds to their peers both emotionally and intellectually but also physically. Whilst every child has different needs, there are some conclusions that can be drawn about what is useful to them in outdoor play settings. These conclusions have shaped all play equipment sold by Selwood and developed by Selwood.

Outdoor play is crucial to a child’s development. During their first two years, children love to move around. While it may be troublesome at times for a parent (especially when walking around a busy supermarket!), this new found movement is important as they are constantly developing their motor skills and building their core strength.

When a child is fully confident with moving, the next step is climbing. Our frames are designed for children aged three to ten years, so naturally we have adapted our designs to suit young adventurers. We have rounded hand grips on ladders so small hand scan grasp them easily and we have made sure there are no protruding fixings on the frames so they are as safe as possible. Climbing Frame Play Area Many of our frames feature a slatted rock wall which offers the best of both worlds to little climbers. For those who are feeling more adventurous, the climbing rocks are a natural choice for a daring ascent. For younger climbers, those who are more reserved, or in case of any wrong footing, the spaces between the slats will provide a safer ascent. The spaces between the slats are also easy to climb down.

Come four or five years old, a child’s confidence is growing rapidly and they will start to need more opportunities to progress to be a mature climber. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all sorted. Our range of products includes rung ladders, rope ladders and solid rock walls.

At this age, children are eager to learn and very confident in their abilities. Although they are willing to tackle greater challenges, they need to do so without compromising their safety. Opportunities that challenge children to discover more about themselves and their environment also help them to develop intellectually. You should therefore choose a climbing frame that will suit your child when they are older, giving them plenty of room to ‘grow into it’.

Between six and seven, children are growing fast and need to be active. Climbing Frames UK has not only got a superb range of products designed to help kids develop their strength and co-ordination as well as complement your frame. We have monkey bars, trapeze bars, tyre swings.
Children at this age are also developing their sense of reasoning and imagination as well as their special awareness. A climbing frame gives kids the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild. Maybe the climbing frame is a den where thieves can stash their hoard of gems? Perhaps it is a dragon’s cave with mountains of treasure piled high?

Needless to say, children grow to be more sociable with age. One of our frames will create the perfect environment for kids to meet new friends, get to know one another and have a fabulous time. It’s also the best place for younger children to explore and learn about their environment. There are new textures, sounds and smells outdoors – all of which will keep youngsters occupied for hours.

No matter what your child’s needs, skills, preferences or abilities (and your budget), Climbing Frames UK will be able to provide you with a frame which will tick all the boxes and look wonderful in your garden. Our sales team will be happy to help you decide which product to choose so you can give your children a long-lasting outdoor toy and a healthy, happy childhood.

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