Birthday Parties at Home on the Rise

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Wooden Climbing frames and swing sets tend to miss the trends. Fashion may change week on week but playsets remain un-phased. However, the recent trend for traditional children’s tea parties is one they can finally get involved in.

According to a recent newspaper article parents are turning to tea parties and garden parties in their own homes rather than expensive parties at soft play areas, bowling alleys or swimming pools. Supermarkets have recently reported a rise in demand for kid’s party accessories as parties held at home make a comeback, mainly thanks to the recession. Sales of face paints have soared by a massive 260% in the last year alone.

Party At Home

The alternative, a day out with 20+ kids, could end up costing parents £300 or more excluding the cost of presents. Our climbing frames start at £249 and will last for years rather than hours. They can be the star of the birthday show for years to come for several siblings. As well as providing fun they can double up as a birthday gift saving you even more money. In fact our climbing frames can cost you as little as 18p per day.

Tesco’s party range buyer Matt Compton said:“For many parents, that’s a lot of money in these difficult times and many are now returning to the traditional party at home, with garden and board games to keep the youngsters amused.

“We started seeing a rise in children’s party accessories about a year ago and as a result we have been increasing our range to meet the extra demand.”

Climbing Frames UK customer service advisor, Olivia Ridell, agrees with Matt’s findings: “We have lots of customers buying their climbing frames for a special occasion. We often get questions about delivery from parents eager to get their swing set in time for a birthday party. Of course they make fantastic presents and provide lots of fun for families. I can only imagine the huge cost for parents organising birthday parties year after year for several siblings.”

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