Birthday Party Ideas

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There always seems to be so much to do when trying to arrange a child’s party, and never enough time to do it in. Climbing Frames and Selwood staffer has some ideas on getting organised.
Organisation is the answer!

Party Ideas:

Little babies don’t need much entertainment – the other guests and the balloons are enough to keep them happily occupied! If you are inviting families with older siblings or have older children yourself you might want to plan in something special for them – Here are a few ideas:
– Magician
– Balloon modelling
– Arty activities
– An animal man along with some furry friends.
– Bouncy Castle


About three weeks before the party, you’ll need to send out written invitations. They should include the following information:

– Your child’s name and which birthday they are celebrating.
– The address of the party and your phone number.
– The date, start and finish times of the party.
– If you’re having a themed party, your invitation should make it clear if the guest needs to dress up.
– You may need a small map


The easiest party food to organise is a buffet of finger food. Choose a variety of dishes that will suit all guests (big or small).
Here are some great Ideas:

– Sandwiches: Cut into tiny triangles or shapes with cutters. Theses can be filled with Jam, Cheese, Ham, Marmite or any filling of your choice.
– Pizza Fingers: With these it is probably best to keep the flavours simple! E.g. Cheese and Tomato or Ham.
– Tiny Quiches and little scotch eggs
– Mini Sausages or sausage rolls
– Vegetables and dips – Carrots, Cucumber, Red/Yellow Pepper and cheery tomatoes with dip.
– Biscuits – Chocolate fingers & Pink Wafers
– Cakes: Mini rolls, tiny fairy cakes, and marshmallows
– Popcorn
– A Bowl of grapes or chopped fruit


The old favourites such as Pass the Parcel and musical bumps are always fun! Here are some other party ideas:

Right/Left Game
A twist on Pass the Parcel. Write a short story and be sure to use the words ‘right’ and ‘left’ frequently throughout. At times use them one after another e.g. ‘The queen left the palace and turned right so she stood right in front of the trees…’
Wrap a present in paper and the children must pass it on to their left or right each time they hear the words ‘left’ or ‘right’ in the story.

The Chocolate Game
Place a bar of chocolate, a knife and fork, a hat and some gloves in the centre of a circle. Guests take it in turns in the circle to shake a dice. If they shake a 6 they quickly sit in the middle, put on the hat and gloves and start to cut up the bar and eat it with the knife and fork. The other guests continue shaking the dice and only when the next person rolls a 6 do they swap places.

Musical chairs
Put out one less chairs (or cushions, if they’re very young) than there are children. The children have to dance around the chairs and when the music stops, sit on a chair immediately. The last one left without a chair has to sit out. The last child left in is the winner.

Party Bags

Party bags – these are often a ‘must’ for older children so it’s a good idea to make little bags of treats for them to take home. You don’t have to spend a fortune! Here is what you can use to fill the bags:

– Pens/Pencils/Crayons/Rubbers
– Chocolate Bars
– Plastic Jewellery
– Ballons
– Badges
– Face Paints
– Stickers
– Key Rings
– Yo-Yos
– Bouncy Balls

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