Make the Most of Black Friday Sales!

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It’s time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping by hitting all of your favourite Black Friday sales.
Customers fighting over Black Friday sales in the store.Although Black Friday sales can save you lots of money endless queuing, and time spent with other people looking to enjoy the same savings can get pretty crazy. Here are a few Black Friday shopping tips Climbing Frames UK have put together to help you get the most out of Black Friday sales this year.

Black Friday Planning

Our biggest piece of advice – PLAN AHEAD! Make a list of your favourite stores and make sure to do your research. Most newspapers and internet sites will release Black Friday sales information a few days before the big event. This can help you plan your trip so that you know where to get the best Christmas gifts for your family.

Many department stores or big name shops have started holding events on ahead of time on Thursday evening instead of waiting until Friday. Some of the better sales take place on Thursday, but you need to look at the amount of money that you’re saving on the item that you buy. Plot your course by looking at the stores that will have a limited number of Christmas gifts that you might want to buy. If you need to, sit in the parking lot before the store opens so that you get the best deal. Take a friend with you so that you can cover a larger area of the store while you’re Christmas shopping. Each of you can make a list of items that you’re looking for in case the other person sees a bargain.

Black Friday Morning

Keep in mind that some of the larger stores will only have sales during the morning hours. There are some that will have sales in the afternoon, but items might not be as deeply discounted.

At Climbing Frames we are having a 10 DAY sale set aside for ‘Black Friday’ beginning on 20/11/15. You can read more by following the link

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