The Blaise Climbing Frame

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The Blaise Climbing Frame is part of the brand new 2012 range recently launched by Climbing frames UK. As part of the Selwood Oriana series the Blaise has some fab features packed into a small area.

Every climbing frame in the Selwood 2012 range has upgraded, supersized uprights (legs). These engineered cedar uprights are now 8cm by 8cm and have been developed to give much less checking and twisting than standard pine uprights. This all means sturdier and safer play for children.

That’s Mum and Dad happy now the amazing features on this climbing frame will make the kids very happy. The Blaise features the multi-functional and very clever monkey bar swing combo beam. This is a great way to have all the best play features on your climbing frame without taking up the entire garden. Simply unclip the swings and glider when the children want to use the monkey bars and clip them back on when they want to swing.

The Blaise has an upper deck fully equipped with a vinyl chalk board and UV resistant tarp roof to ward off rain and sun. From the play deck they can whizz down the straight wavy slide and make the most of the lower playhouse. This comes complete with 2 attached stools and a large serving hatch style opening.

The lower playhouse is where children can let their imagination run wild. It can be a small little café where they serve cupcakes and tea, a grocery store or even a busy restaurant where they are head chef. It can also be a pit stop for refuelling in between all the running around and excitement

Why buy The Blaise Climbing Frame?

It features the clever monkey bar combo beam. This is a great space saver which means you don’t need a huge garden to have a climbing frame full of great features.

It is sturdier and safer than ever. The engineered uprights are super-strong and soft to the touch, ideal for little hands.

The multifunctional lower playhouse with attached stools. This can be another play feature, a rest stop, a place to store outdoor toys and a place to continue the fun.

The slatted rock wall to the rear. This makes the ascent up to the top deck a little more challenging and a lot more fun than a standard ladder. There are professional style rocks moulded specifically with little hands in mind.

It is an unbeatable price.

The Blaise

The Blaise

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