The Ultimate Blanket Play Fort

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Little child walking in the rainWhen the weather is horrid outside, you have two options – dig out the wellies and waterproofs and embrace the typical British weather and get out your climbing frame, our own selection of sets are an excellent outdoor play fort options. Alternatively batten down the hatches, and hibernate!

While many will choose the staying inside option, it won’t be long before they regret their decision. Children can become restless, and there are only so many films and board games you can tolerate before somebody throws a wobbler (probably the parent, let’s be honest). Lego is a good option, but there is nearly always a difference in opinion as to how it should be done (follow the rules or freestyle?) This can cause serious rows, and don’t forget the injuries sustained when someone stands on a piece!

Craft is a popular choice, but in our house (and I’m sure we’re not alone) one child will spend ages carefully cutting, sticking and drawing, while the other has already saturated 4 pieces of paper in paint, knocked over the water, and put their elbow in the glue, before saying they are bored.

At this point you may well be starting to search for those wellies and waterproofs! But do not despair, there is still a great alternative, and you can stay in your onesie and slippers – result!

Here we have the Climbing Frames UK guide to building the ultimate indoor play fort out of blankets:

Indoor Play Fort Equipment List

  • Sheets, blankets or bath towels
  • Pillows
  • Sofa cushions
  • Duvet or sleeping bag
  • A sofa, chairs or bed
  • Pegs, safety pins or elastic bands
  • Food (anything snack like, so crisps, popcorn, grapes and biscuits are ideal)

Indoor Play Fort Extras

  • A sign with your forts name and ‘Keep Out’ on it
  • A secret password and some Fort rules
  • Fairy lights
  • A torch
  • Books, colouring equipment, supplies to make a treasure map
  • Stuffed toys. These can double up as loyal subjects/devoted sidekicks/pirate crew/inhabitants of a far away island or planet.

Add a good dose of imagination and Voila! One awesome fort.

Who knows, the little darlings might even decide to take a nap!

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