Getting The Best Bounce From Your Trampoline

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Trampolines are built for fun “designed by selwood“. Of course there are professional trampolinists, and with the Olympics coming up they will be preparing to take center stage, but even they must love the fun factor the trampoline has to offer. And of course the best thing about a trampoline is bouncing. Here are some top tips on how to get the biggest, best-est bounce from your trampoline:

The bigger the trampoline, the better the bounce. Well the bigger the bouncing surface area the bigger the bounce. Here is the science bit – the bigger the surface area the more the material will give when you jump. This means more recoil – trampoline recoil is the upward force that is exerted as the trampoline bounces you back up into the air. Got it? Phew! Therefore large rectangular trampolines will have a slightly bigger bounce than smaller round trampolines.

So we’ve discussed the trampoline technicalities now onto the bouncing technique. The best way to get the biggest bounce is to jump as close to the middle as possible. The centre of the trampoline is the point of the trampoline that has the greatest give, and as we learnt earlier, therefore the greatest recoil. So stick to the middle of the trampoline rather than the edges. This is of course safer too.

Keeping the point of impact as small as possible will also help you bounce higher. Therefore the wider the surface area that hits the trampoline, the lower the bounce will be. So landing on the trampolining in a sitting or lying down position will give you a lower bounce than landing on your feet.

Let us know once you have tried some of these tricks. We sell both round and rectangular trampolines which all offer a fantastic bounce. We also do a range of sizes to suit all age ranges and garden sizes.

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