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Play equipment from Climbing Frames UK suitable for children between 3-10 years old, boys and girls. Toys are often popular for one or the other. Our Windale Climbing Frame is consistently brought for girls, why? What’s making toys more suitable for boys or girls? Here are some thoughts on how boy and girls play, and what might suit them.

The different ways boys and girls play

Along with preferring different toys, boys and girls play differently. Boys often enjoy rough-and-tumble, while girls are quicker at learning to co-operate and opting for less competitive activities involving mutual support.

“Studies show that when children play with big plastic cars, more little boys play the ramming game,” says Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at Cambridge University, in his research into the difference between male and female brains. “Boys deliberately drive their cars into another child. Little girls ride around more carefully, avoiding each other.”

However, these brain characteristics can’t be assumed to apply to all individual boys or girls.

Taking risks – is it down to gender or personality?

Boys are often perceived as being more risk-taking than girls. There’s some evidence to suggest this continues as children grow into adulthood.

Studies have revealed that taking risks is more linked to personality than gender, with about 60% of all infants being attracted to risk-taking and 40% being naturally more cautious. So, why is risky behaviour seen more in boys? The answer may lie with the environment they grow up in, are we as a society more likely to reward adventurous behaviour from boys, but not girls, influencing their tot’s openness to risk-taking as they grow up. The classic nature vs nurture debate is in full flow.

Taking all of this on board we will now look at features of frames and why they may suit the kids based on gender and what features are neutral.


Girls, in particular, love the cafe counter and area as they love interacting with the other kids. This is also a great opportunity for role-playing which is more common in girls. Here is a link to all the frames we have with Cafe Counters

We all know girls have an eye for decoration and a few of our frames have some really pretty features that add colourful visual to the frame. The Ridgeview Deluxe, Grandview, Stonefield, Goldenridge and Althorp Climbing Frames all come with a plant pot for you to put a colourful array of flowers in. Also, the Goldenridge and Stonefield both have a brick effect wall which really do add that bit of extra detail to the frames.



Boys do love taking risks and pushing the limits, therefore, Monkey bars are the perfect feature for young boys!

Here is a link to all our frames with monkey bars!

Girls do love to swing also, but we also have trapeze bars for boys to swing from and monkey around!


Features that are popular for both:

Swings, Slides, Sandpits, Chalk walls and Gliders!

Obviously, everyone is different and no none child can be the same, but we hope this blog helps to give you a general overview of what kids want from their frames!

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