Brand New Climbing Frame – The Burghley

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The Burghley is a brand new Selwood Products climbing frame making it’s debut on our website. We know that customers will love the Burghley. This is a beautifully compact swing set with all the features a family would want and need in their back garden.

Burghley Play Features:
Monkey bar swing combo beam
8cm x 8cm engineered sturdy uprights (legs)
119cm x 90cm upper play deck
Straight wavy slide
Slatted combination rock wall
Vinyl chalk wall
2 belt swings
Trapeze bar
Roof with sunburst detail
Sand play area

The monkey bar swing combo beam is the real show stealer on this play set. A truly fantastic idea which will save tons of space as well as keep the kids happier for longer. We know, more than most, how easily children can become bored of their toys. Just think of Christmas day when one toy gets quickly abandoned for the next every 10 minutes or so. The great thing about the Burghley is that it can keep little ones occupied for hours. Once they are done swinging and practising tricks on the trapeze bar these can easily be unclipped and the monkey bars can be put to full use. Monkey bars are like a magic ingredient for your garden. They can transform it into a fun and exciting adventure park easily and quickly.

The colour of the climbing frame, as it is made from premium cedar wood, is a gorgeous red colour which will blend perfectly with the natural colours of your garden. The sun burst detailing to the front of the frame is an extremely attractive and fun feature which will brighten up your outdoor area. If you are thinking of investing in a climbing frame the Burghley would be an excellent decision.

There are also a whole host of accessories available to buy on our website for you to add to the Burghley if you wish.

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