The Brand New Skyline Climbing Frame!


Brand New Skyline Climbing Frame, new to the wooden climbing frame range in the UK. The frame is currently exclusive in the UK supplied by Selwood climbing frames.

This Climbing frame has so many popular features including the Selwood Two Child Glider and the Yellow Tube slide.

This Climbing Frame also features the Monkey bar attachment meaning it has the monkey bars at the back of the fort, not on the swing beam. This is a ideal feature if you have the room in your garden. It means one child can use the monkey bars while the other is playing on the swings.

Another great feature which most of our other sets don’t have is two types of slides. There is one straight but wavy slide at the front of the frame and the yellow tube slide at the slide. Great for racing down with friends.


The Skyline Climbing Frame has a 5ft deck height and a extra ‘Look Out Balcony’ on top of the swing beam with a Telescope attached for spying on the rest of the family. (Please note: The telescope does not magnify for safety reasons.)

There is also a chalk board featured on the front of the set next to the picnic bench area, great for playing shops!

This Climbing Frame is a brilliant set recommended for ages 3 – 12 years. The Skyline is due into our warehouse in the middle of May and will be ready for delivery 5 – 10 working days from then.

You can Pre Order this climbing frame meaning you secure it at the current price by putting down a 10% deposit.

Here is the link to the Skyline Climbing Frame:

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