The Brightside Climbing Frame, a new addition for 2013

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Over the coming months we will be launching new products ready for the summer. One of our new products is called the Brightside Climbing Frame and is currently available for pre-order. We are really excited about the Brightside Climbing Frame as it comes with a swingbeam and separate monkey bars, which we know some of our customers prefer – especially if they have more than one or two children!

Brightside Climbing Frame

The Brightside Climbing Frame, like all our climbing frames is manufactured from cedar wood which is rot and decay resistant. The benefit of using cedar wood for our climbing frames is that it doesn’t need to be chemically treated to prevent rot and decay – therefore reducing your children s exposure to potent chemicals.

This climbing frame is excellent value for money as it has more features than you could imagine:

  • Two belt swings and trapeze bar
  • 2.2m wavy slide
  • Monkey bars which provide access to the fort
  • Easy clean chalk wall
  • Café area beneath the fort
  • Sandpit area
  • Slatted rock wall ladder

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and we know that they aren’t always in climbing frame friendly shapes, the beauty of this climbing frame is that the monkey bars come out from the rear of the fort which is a benefit for those with gardens that are narrow but long. Monkey bars are excellent for developing coordination and upper body strength which is something that will benefit little ones when they are older.

With a separate swing beam this enables your children to swing to their hearts content without having to compromise with a sibling who might want to use the monkey bars at the same time. The swing beam includes two belt swings made from flexible plastic which offer support to your children’s body, and a trapeze bar for any budding acrobats in the family. In addition to the two swings, this also comes with a trapeze bar which also provides plenty of entertainment for your children!

This climbing frame currently has the biggest number of features at that price point so is really excellent value for money. Our pre order scheme allows you to pay a 10% deposit to secure the climbing frame and in March we will send out payment reminders inviting you to pay off the remaining 90%. The benefit of this is that you have time to save up and you don’t have the boxes taking up space in your garage while you wait for the weather to warm up.

To pre order your Brightside Climbing Frame in time for Spring visit our designated pre order page which features plenty of bargains at the moment.

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