A Buyer’s Guide For Climbing Frames

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Thinking about buying a wooden climbing frame?

If you are considering a wooden climbing frame for your children, you will find this blog very useful. Wooden play equipment offers flexibility, strength, durability and longevity and will look great in your garden. Wood ages and weathers without losing its structural integrity and the natural wood colour tones blend with the garden rather than standing out within it.

How do I choose?

There are many factors that will influence your choice of wooden climbing frame, including your budget, available space, fitting in with the look of your garden, and your children’s ages and interests.

What’s included?

Our climbing frames are all ‘Pre boxed’ ready for home build. Our playsets come boxed with all parts pictured, including all wood, metal and plastic components and a fully illustrated owner’s manual to aid your home build. During manufacture our products have all been pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained so there is minimal input needed from you during the build.

What about installation?

Our sets are all designed for home build, and come will all parts required and a fully illustrated owners manual. An average set would take two adults a full day to build, presuming you have reasonable DIY skills and basic tools and a power screwdriver. If you don’t have the time, tools or inclination to build your frame then a full national installation service is available. Please see our installers page.

What do I build my Climbing Frame on?

Our play centres are all residential sets so are designed to be sited on grass. Our sets all come with ground anchors to prevent movement of the set when children are swinging and climbing, but our play sets don’t need any permanent concreting or hardcore surfacing. Some people consider ground mats, play-bark or rubber mulch, but there is no requirement for these with residential playsets.

Can you install on sloping ground?

Our climbing frames are designed to be built on a level surface. This does not mean that your garden has to be a bowling green, it’s no problem if there’s lumps and bumps, or a slight slope.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Our wooden play-centres are robust structures that require little maintenance. Equipment should be routinely inspected to ensure the bolts and screws are tightened as required. As with all wooden products treating and sealing the wood annually will protect and preserve the timber and will ensure your set lasts as long as possible. The same as you would for any garden timber product, whether it be a playset, shed, picnic table, fence or even decking.

Timber vs Aluminum, Steel & Plastic

Wood is fantastically strong and durable, and with routine maintenance will outlast aluminum or steel framed playsets. Plastic play sets are generally small and suited to toddlers as the slides are short and low. Timber playsets are fantastic as they look wonderful in your garden, have a huge number of play features, and are exceedingly strong so they will keep your children and their friends happy for many years.

Pine or Cedar wood?

Cedar wood is our product of choice for our climbing frames as it’s soft to the touch, although naturally resistant to rot and insect attack. Pine is cheap, and is used on our cheap swingsets,although the side effect of the pressure treatment used to preserve the pine is that the wood often cracks and splinters, something you’d expect on a traditional rustic swings, but not premium American style playsets.


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