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With Christmas now just several weeks away many are finalising or in some cases starting their Christmas shopping. In the build-up to the busy period here at climbing frames, we are on hand to help those looking to surprise their children or grandchildren on the big day.

Our fantastic wooden climbing frames have a wide range of attributes to keep the children entertained for hours. From multiple deck heights, crows nests, tube slides, enclosed playhouses, glider swings, rock walls and speedy slides the list is endless.


For many getting the frame assembled and kept out of sight until Christmas morning can prove to challenge. Over the years, we have received an influx of emails and images showing how our customers have managed to surprise their children on the big day. As portrayed in the above image wrapping the climbing frame up in x-mas paper is well worth it and a great way to keep the climbing frame out of sight. Other popular methods have seen people use colourful tarpaulins / sheets to keep the frame concealed.

We offer an array of climbing frames to fit gardens of all sizes. Of course, it is easy for us to harp on about the quality of our products, but our customer reviews tell their own stories. The best compliments – and the ones future customers are most likely to trust – come from existing customers, which is why we always take the time and trouble to listen to our customers’ feedback and action it if necessary.

Once on the page of a product you are interested in we have available all submitted reviews from past customers who have purchased that particular set. These include images and star ratings. Before purchasing take time to read through the reviews and help distinguish which set is the best option for you and your children.

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  1. Fantastic idea . I have just purchased the Windale for Christmas and will be wrapping the whole thing up in snowman x-mas paper !

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