Cedar Climbing Frames

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We believe our cedar climbing frames create the best value wooden play equipment available. Combined with excellent designs from Selwood, fantastic prices and high-quality components.

Here we will explain what cedar wood is. It’s advantages and care advice.

What Wood Do We Use?

Our climbing frames use cedar (cunninghamia lanceolata), which is one of two evergreen coniferous trees in the cypress family Cupressaceae. Native in China, Taiwan, Northern Vietnam and Laos. Most often known as Cunninghamia or “China-fir” (although not a fir). The wood from these trees is ideal for outdoor play equipment specifically climbing frames. Cedar trees grow quickly, reaching heights up to 50m. Evolving in a damp natural environment, it became naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. This creates a huge advantage over European Pine and Fir woods, which require chemical treatment to stop them from rotting or being eaten by insects.

Cedar Advantages

Cunnighamia trees are prized in China, producing soft, highly durable scented wood similar to Coast Redwood and Sugi. Used for building houses and ships as it’s naturally resisting to rot and damp. Furniture is popular natural oils and scents repel insects, and the subtle scent is also valued in temples.

China Cedar is a perfect wood for wooden climbing frames, playhouses and other outdoor wooden products.

1) Strong – Making a wonderful playset which is tough and study exceeding both European (EN-71) and International (ASTM) safety standards.
2) Soft – The wood has a soft to the touch feel. Combined with a tight knot structure creating fewer cracks, splits and splinters. Meaning children can play without concern.
3) Oil – The cedar oils make it naturally resistant to rot and insect attack.
4) Beautiful – The beautiful natural appearance of cedar looks great in any garden.
5) Light – Cedar is light making delivery charges lower.

Selwood provides the following advantages, making things easier for you:

1) Boxes – Products come fully boxed. Keeping them together and protected.
2) Illustrated Manual – Owners manuals include a full parts list and an easy to follow illustrated manual.
3) Standard Bolts – Climbing frame and playhouses use standard bolts, so you don’t have to buy any special tools.
4) Fully Inclusive – Products have everything you need, all wood, hardware and accessories.
5) Warranty – Our wood has a 10-year warranty (against structural defects due to rot and infestation) and our plastic/metal parts have a 1-year warranty.

Cedar Care Advice

With any wooden outdoor products, we suggest using a stain/sealant. However, this is not needed for warranty. But it does ensure it stays looking great, and it doesn’t take long at all.

All woods need protection whether it’s a shed, fence, deck or any garden furniture, all natural wood requires care. Woods a natural product, occasional treatment prevents weathering. In turn, prevent cracks, splits and splinters, although with our climbing frame you are covered for 10-years. Click on the following link to read more about caring for your climbing frame.

Belton Cedar Climbing Frame

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