Climbing Frames – One Way To Tackle Child Obesity

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Dealing with a very sensitive subject like child obesity is tricky. One way to approach the subject without hurting feelings would be to encourage more outdoor play without the mention of weight loss or diet.  


One American restaurant has now given chips a PG certificate

Highlander Climbing Frame

More outdoor play could help reduce child obesity

A lot has been said in the press over recent months about child obesity. It is a sensitive subject that most of us don’t really want to broach. However in the US, First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her personal mission to reduce what has been called an ‘epidemic’. Today 1 in 3 children in America are classed as obese, and her Let’s move! campaign is a step towards curing this. This is a very similar approach to our own change 4 life initiative, launched back in 2008, which encourages healthy eating and an increase in activity.

However, one restaurant in America has taken the initiative one step further by putting a PG rating on chips. Darden restaurants, who own several chains across the US, have banned children form ordering the popular food without parental permission. Do you think this is the right approach? Should we adopt the same tactics here in England?

Here at Selwood our job is to encourage as much outdoor play as possible. It is common sense that having children sat in front of the television or computer for hours on end is doing nothing for their health. Child obesity is a touchy subject and no parent ever wants to put their child on a diet or restrict their food so an easier option is to encourage more play and more movement.

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