Why your children love our climbing frames

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Here at climbing frames we love hearing back from our customers, and hearing how much their children are enjoying their new climbing frames.  So why do your children love our climbing frames so much?

The accessories

All children are different so having many accessories on offer means that you can personalize your climbing frame to suit you child/children.

Young pirates in training can personalize their climbing frames with our captains wheel and   and telescope. The trapeze and monkey bar are great for keen climbers. Many forts such as the Stonefield lodge and Goldenridge climbing frame make the perfect Wendy house.

The size

Ranging from 7m2 with 1 meter decks, all the way to 25m2 with 1.8 meter decks, our versatile climbing frames are suitable for all ages, they may be enjoyed by 3 year olds within the safety of their selwood baby buckets or charming sandpits as well as 11 year olds on the thrilling 3 meter long curved slide and the 5ft heigh decks.

Fun for all occasions

Our climbing frames are great fun for all occasions. They will bring hours of fun whether your child is playing alone (within their own magical fortress) or with many friends.  They can be just as perfect for entertainment at a family and friends barbecue,  as they may be on those weekends relaxing with the family.

The health benefits

We have found that parents love our climbing frames just as much as their children. Not only are they an excuse to get the children out of the house they also have alot of health benefits for your children.  Above all they improve general health and fitness through strengthening muscles, improving grip, improving motor senses and improving mental alertness.  Climbing frames are beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing.

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