Music Therapy For Ill Children

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When we found this story, it really warmed our hearts. Often we receive queries from parents about our climbing frames, asking whether they would be suitable for their child who has an illness or a learning disability. The answer, of course, is always a yes! Our frames are a great way for these children to get out of doors and enjoy the fresh air in a safe environment.

Needless to say therefore, we are always on the lookout for great charities that provide a safe, happy and relaxed environment for these children.

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation and the cancer charity Stars for Harris have joint funded a music therapy scheme at the Sick Kids Hospital, based near Edinburgh. The therapy sessions will be provided for a year by the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity. More than 700 children with condition and illnesses ranging for cancer to respiratory problems will benefit from the sessions which will take place for six hours a week.

In March, a pilot scheme was run with brilliant results. Thirty five children took part in the pilot scheme, which was adapted to their needs.

Kristin McDonald, a music therapist who currently works for the Nordoff-Robbins charity at their Broxburn base, said, “It was really rewarding to see our work actively aid children who are receiving treatment at the hospital for illness, injury or even a disability. Music can be a motivator and a soother – something in which the children can channel their energy to distract them from boredom. Music therapy aims to help the children exercise the well parts of themselves”.

“The children were encouraged to make choices, lead activities and express themselves through music. Music can also provide a container expressing difficult feelings like fear and anger. I play the guitar with the children. They love getting involved and learning about the instruments and the music we play together.”

The new scheme is due to start in September. Read the full article here.

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