Selwood Discuss – Children turn to Google not teachers.

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A recent survey carried out by Birmingham Science City has shown that children now turn to Google opposed to their teachers for answers. This has come as something of a surprise to us. Perhaps we live in our own Selwood shaped bubble or perhaps this is actually a little shocking. In fact 54% of six – fifteen year-olds involved in the survey see Google as their first port of call when faced with a tricky question. Just 3% of those asked would go to a teacher. As parents we come in second to the internet giant.

On second thoughts whenever we have a question ourselves it is Google we inevitably turn to. ‘I’ll Google it’ is often the first thought that comes to mind. Any random trivia is resolved by a quick ‘Google’. It has even been discussed in the media recently that it is the internet that new mums turn to when they have a query or a question rather than their own mothers or friends. Is it any surprise that our children are now doing the same?

We also have to ask ourselves is this necessarily a bad thing? Children are growing up in a technologically advanced era, things will only get more technical and the internet will only grow in importance. Surely we should be proud of their proficiency?

As an online climbing frame company we know the huge importance of outdoor play, of keeping children active and getting them learning through play. However we also know that the importance of the internet cannot be ignored. As long as everything is carried out in moderation their can be a happy medium.

What are your thoughts? Should children rely so much on the internet? How do you make sure your children get off the web and into the garden?

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