Children, Toddlers and Babies wearing Make-up?

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We all see young children and babies wearing make-up & beauty products now a days! Especially in the celebrity world.

Children such as Katie Price and Peter Andres ‘Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre’ and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter ‘Suri Cruise’ have been caught wearing make-up out in public.
But what are your thoughts on this?

A recent study shows that there are more and more parents buying their children beauty products.
This study polled 1,352 parents from across the UK with at least one child under the age of four.

The parents that were taking part were asked “Have you ever purchased a beauty product to use on your child”?” 23% of which answered ‘Yes’.
They were then asked to specify the type of beauty products purchased for their child.

Here are the top five beauty products that UK Parents have bought for their babies and toddlers:

    • 35% Nail Varnish
    • 28% Lipstick / Gloss
    • 23% Mascara
    • 12% Concealer
    • 8% Fake Tan

The parents then explained why they had bought these products for their babies.
Here are the results:

    • 39% of parents bought the beauty products for a ‘special occasion’
    • Just under a third, 30%, claimed that they simply wanted to make their child look ‘prettier’
    • A further 14% admitted doing so ‘for fun’
    • And 9% said their child had asked for certain beauty products.

The parents taking part were also asked if they held secret fears that their child was ‘UGLY’, to which one in twelve respondents said ‘YES’. Of these 54%, admitted to feeling ‘ashamed’ of their fears. Whilst 8% of respondents had fears about their own child’s looks, over a quarter of the parents taking part admitted to finding one of their friend’s children ‘UGLY’.

What are YOUR thoughts on children, toddlers and babies wearing make-up!?
We would love to hear your feedback

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  1. I have a 4 yr old and have never painted her nails and she has never had make-up on. Don’t agree with it at all x

  2. A big No No,children are growing up way too quickly as it is,i dont think wearing make-up should be encouraged,children should look like children and not mini adults,children should be encouraged to be themselves and to love the way they are,and as for putting make-up on babies and toddlers who in there right mind would do that not only does it look awful but im sure it doesnt do there skin any good either

  3. I think make-up as part of role play is perfectly normal for little ones e.g. playing mummy or bride or fashion show as it’s all part of learning and experimentation. That said I DON’T agree with letting kids go out in public with make-up on (exception of a wedding when they may have a tiny bit of nude/pink nails and a smudge of lip gloss to feel involved) and definitely not pageants of ‘fake’ beauty i.e. heavy makeup, wigs, eyelashes and fake tan as it’s just grotesque and teaches them nothing about natural or inner beauty.

  4. Children love makeup and playing at being grown up – if a child wants to wear makeup it’s no different to a child wanting to wear their parents’ shoes and hats, it’s just dressing up. Children don’t usually treat makeup the way adults do, wearing it all day long, so it’s unlikely to affect their skin any more than paint, or glue, or mud, or any of the other substances they get on their skin while playing.

    I’d rather my children experiment with makeup at that age, when it’s a game. They can get an idea of what works for them and whether they actually like it, without peer pressure, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s badly done, or if they use it like face paints. My now-11-year-old has loved makeup for years. She treats it as an art form and does some really lovely things with it; when she’s an adult she’ll never make the kind of mistakes I see other people wearing in public.

    However I would discourage her from going out wearing makeup (if she ever wanted to, she hasn’t yet) as I don’t want her attracting attention of a kind that makes her uncomfortable, and the overt disapproval of strangers does make her uncomfortable.

  5. Got to say I am old fashioned and as I rarely wear any myself I will not be encouraging my two daughters, seen so many young naturally beautiful ladies start wearing full make up too young, I won’t mind the odd play time with maybe a tiny bit of lipstick, but it would be a rare time and then my girls will not be allowed out under say 13/14 wearing make up, but that is just me x

  6. Hi i got to say if i even have a child i would only let them wear nail polish and lipgloss i believe it is too young to wear eyemakeup or faketan at a young age.

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