Childrens cheap playhouse SALE!

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Check out our great playhouses with tiny prices!

We are extremely proud of our great quality Childrens cheap playhouse Sale of our wooden playhouses! One of which, the cedar mansion playhouse,  recently stared on Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘love your garden’ last week!

Something for everybody!


Our Selwood playhouses come at varying sizes with loads of accessories to guarantee that your children will love them! Simply check out our great range, even our colour schemes are different giving you, the customer, the freedom to find the perfect climbing frame for your child!

Still the same excellent quality

They are all made of a very high-quality cedar wood ensuring the best strength and stability, we are so sure of this that we include a 10-year warranty on all of the wood on your play house!

Attention to detail

It is the attention to detail that sets our climbing frames apart from the rest, whether this is in the cute roof truss, a dormer window, miniature flower pots or the adorable shutters, the extent of care throughout the design process is clear to see.

Why buy a playhouse?

The great outdoors

Encourages you child to play outdoors! Did you know that outdoor play is beneficial for your child’s health?Playing outdoors will help in your child’s development as through outdoor play they will have the opportunity to encounter the outdoor world, and the creatures and nature found within it. Having an awareness of the outside world can spark

Imagine and make believe!

A playhouse house is the best gift you could give your child to encourage their creativity. To your child, a playhouse is not just a piece of play equipment, it will become their very own pretend world, a miniature home that is entirely theirs. To them it could be a shop, a house, a princess’s castle.. the possibilities and endless! Creativity is a great skill for your child to develop, it will allow them to think outside the box, gain initiative and develop problem-solving skills.



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