Children’s entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive

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When you’re a parent, you face a constant, daily battle, trying to provide your children with the best. A loving home, food on the table, new clothes, new footwear, toys and games… All of these things slowly add up and you end up spending a small fortune on the things that your children claim they really need. How many times have you heard ‘Oh but, all my friends have got one!’ or ‘It’s not fair! I wouldn’t be seen dead in that!’?

Every year there is a new fad – a new toy, a new fashion, a new computer game – on the market which instantly catches the eye of your child and you feel your eyes rolling before they’ve even opened their mouths to insist they ‘need’ it!

But how much are these new toys and games actually necessary? We admit, playing tennis on the Wii is fun and it really gets your heart rate going. Afterwards you feel you have done a full workout! But wouldn’t it better for your little ones to play outdoors instead of being cooped up inside? Playing Wii Tennis is all very well, but children need to have the opportunity to play outside and exercise in an unrestricted area. The garden is the best place for this! It’s safe and if it is well equipped then it can provide hours of fun!

Well equipped? Does that mean spending yet more money? Well, yes, but try to think of it as a great investment. A games console costs a lot of money and they don’t last all that long. Also, you end up spending more money on the games and the extra controllers so your children can play together.

By purchasing a climbing frame, you invest in a toy that will last throughout your children’s childhood. Garden toys are not as expensive as you may think. It is perfectly possible to buy cheap climbing frames for children that are still made of good quality wood with durable accessories. Look no further than Selwood. We have structures suitable for all sizes of garden and for all children up to the age of twelve see selwood for further climbing frame and playhouse options. We recently worked out that by purchasing a climbing frame, you spend on average about 18p a day. Compared with the cost of DVDs and computer games, it’s an absolute bargain!

A climbing frame benefits your children in all sorts of ways. The accessories on our play sets offer challenging activities which help to improve coordination, balance and motor skills. All siblings can play together and their relationships will improve and they learn that playing together is fun! Socialising during early years is really important. At the ages of six and seven, children are developing their sense of reasoning. By learning about the importance of communication and compromise at a young age, children will develop a social skill which will help them throughout their entire lives. It has also been found that children, who play outdoors, have better eyesight than children who don’t.

A number of our climbing frames combine several garden toys into one stunning structure. Many frames have a swing beam complete with swings and a trapeze bar. Others have a lower playhouse which is the perfect replacement for a standalone playhouse which would take up more space in the garden. All of the climbing frames come with a rock wall and a slide, which finish off the overall look of the play set wonderfully. All of our climbing frames are made from quality cedar wood, which comes with a 10-year guarantee.

You don’t need to spend a fortune for a long-lasting toy that will see your children through their childhood and that will be hit until they outgrow it. Take a look at our current range today!

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