Childrens wooden play equipment for small gardens

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Reductions in size, not fun!

If you have a smaller garden, do not be put off! We have a great selection of fun, space-saving climbing frames! Our smaller frames are specially designed to ensure that you can still make the most of the same amount of versatile accessories as the larger frames, so your children will not be missing out. These frames are not just great for smaller gardens, perhaps you have a large garden, but only a small space in mind for the climbing frame? Well these frames are perfect you too! Here are a few of our great space savers, for small gardens, or for different shaped gardens. More climbing frame choice on 


#1 space saving climbing frame – The Sunview climbing frame!


The Sunview climbing frame stands with a width of 2.6 meters, and a length of 2.95 meters. Do not be fooled by the small size, this frame is made from high-quality cedar wood, using a strong A-frame design. The A frame design of this climbing frame reduces not only the size but the amount of wood! This means not only a decrease in size but also in price! The Sunview comes packed full of accessories including two swings, a rock wall and a slide. This makes the Sunview climbing frame the ideal garden toy, keeping your children occupied for hours as well and offering a great, and fun experiences when friends are over!


You have space, but it’s the wrong shape?!


Introducing our Grandview climbing frame! This frame has a similar design to our other frames when it comes to the fort and the swing beam, however, by simply changing the slide to the impressive tube slide, this frame has a reduced length, perfect for if you have the right amount of space but in a different shape. Once again this frame is made from our high-quality cedar wood and has been safety tested to guarantee that this frame is just as safe as it is fun. Your children will spend hours playing with the swings, trapeze bar, rock wall, cafe counter and tube slide. They will also have the opportunity to make the most of the upper and lower enclosed play decks, these are perfect clubhouses and great for picnics!

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