Why We Use Cedar Wood?

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Climbing Frames UK have been manufactured from cedar (cunninghamia lanceolata) for many years due to the wood’s natural beneficial characteristics which make it ideal for outdoor play equipment, wooden swing sets and playhouses this is because cedar looks great in any garden! Cedar is an extremely durable wood it is highly rot resistant and this is because it contains natural preservatives that prevent fungal growth. Cedar is also resistant to warping and twisting and responds well to high humidity also. Cedar’s scent also repels insects and other damaging infestations, so it doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals that might harm your children. All our climbing frames and playhouses are protected with a water based colour stain and this is environmentally safe and child friendly.

Cedar wood is low maintenance but does require a little work to keep it in good condition once every year. You can do this yourselves and you can use a water based or oil based stain and you can buy this in any DIY store. Cedar is a strong wood and perfect for outdoor play equipment all of our sets come with step by step instructions so you will have no need to make any mistakes as you can damage the wood if you rush the process. We have various climbing frames and playhouses available on the website to purchase now and we offer a 10 year guarantee for all rot and decay.

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