Climbing Up The Wall On Christmas Eve

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One more sleep to Santa, a parents story…..


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, in particular, the sensible mouse (who was hiding from the madness)

The arguments had started, Mum had lost the plot, Dad had already started not to care,

If Santa had any sense he would avoid like the plague and exclaim “Phew, dodged a bullet there!”


The Children were nowhere near their nice warm beds,

And visions of new IPhones, bikes, and bucket loads of sweets danced through their heads.

Mum had long since opened the wine, and Dad had nipped out for a night cap,

Those presents were going to be a sod to wrap! (should have got a Climbing Frame instead 😉 )


At eleven thirty the children were carried up to bed, having fallen asleep in front of the Telly,

Mum was getting rather nervous, worrying about all those mince pies swirling inside their belly.

Back downstairs to wrap the presents, and where did the paper go?

And the sellotape, scissors, and my goodness, is that snow?


By two am the presents were wrapped, the stockings filled, the wine finished, Dad home (about time, for goodness sake!)

Time for bed, bets were being laid – what time will the darlings awake?

Snuggled up warm, dreaming of turkey (the bird, roasted, not a holiday in the sun, though that would be nice…)

But wait, what was that sound, sounds like a jingly fat man slipping on ice.


Christmas morning came far too early (especially for Mum who’s head was banging)

The presents were opened, wrapping paper covered every surface, and what on earth was that clanging?

Dinner went off without a hitch

Even stopped Granny having a b**ch!


Five pm came and went, with most of the family dozing in front of the telly

It was bliss, apart from the dog who had got at the sprouts and was a bit smelly…

Another year done, a huge sigh of relief, even got some nice presents,

The husband had obviously learnt from last year’s iron, jewellery makes much more sense 😉

Merry Christmas!

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