Christmas presents to fit under the tree

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With Christmas in approximately six weeks, adverts for Christmas have started to creep onto our television screens – including the Coca-Cola advert, which means if it’s on TV, it must be Christmas. It isn’t just television, many towns and cities now have their Christmas lights up and some shops have had their decorations up since the end of October. The ‘seasonal’ aisle in Supermarkets has appeared in the last couple of weeks, with Christmas trees and decorations taking prime position in stores. This all serves as a reminder to those who haven’t started their Christmas shopping yet that it’s time to start looking and generally to get us in the festive mood.

Christmas Tree

In the build up to Christmas, throughout November, we have special offers on our Climbing Frames (more information on which can be found here) and a climbing frame is a brilliant present, but it won’t fit under a tree or in a stocking, will it?

So what are the most wanted toys this season? With predictions for the bestselling toys for Christmas dating back to June, here are some of the predicted favourites:

Barbie Train to Trot TawneyBarbie Puppy Play Park1. Barbie
Barbies are still popular after all these years, so naturally she is going to be included in some Christmas lists for Santa. Barbie Train to Trot Tawney and Barbie Puppy Play Park are predicted to be hot this winter.

Lord of the rings Lego Set
This has been a favourite among children (and even adults) since its conception in 1946. With LEGO branching out and taking on popular scenes and characters from fils it is keeping up to date with demand. One predicted popular sets this Christmas is their Lord of the Rings set.

3. Web Shooting Spiderman
Comic book heroes always make popular toys, so after the latest Spiderman film coming out this summer it is no surprise that a new range of Spiderman accessories and toys were released too. This model is motorised to shoot two webs, one from each wrist.

Moshi Monster App Monster
4. Moshi Monster App Monster
This toy brings technology and your Moshi Monster together – simply download the free app onto your device and insert your iPhone or iPod Touch into your Moshi Monster and it will come to life. There are four different modes including DJ mode and Super Moshi, you can even play music through them.

Innotab2 by Vtech5. InnoTab 2 by Vtech
InnoTab2 is a handheld tablet with a touchscreen that features educational games, activities and e-books; a tablet designed specifically for children. It includes a camera and microphone to enhance the other features.

Nerf Gun N-Strike Elite Hailfire6. Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire
Nerf guns have always been popular among children (and adults alike) and this Nerf gun is the latest model with a 75ft range and 24 darts. It might be best to hide the fragile valuables once this present has been unwrapped.

Subbuteo7. Subbuteo
A very well loved game, especially among boys – this has undergone certain improvements to feature better shot accuracy and a wider range of choice.

Monster High Dolls8. Monster High Dolls
Monster High Dolls are a slight spin on the traditional doll, taking inspiration from monster movies and horror fiction, with dolls being based on such characters as Dracula, Medusa and Frankenstein’s monster.

Cabbage Patch Dolls9. Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids dolls are among a few ‘retro’ products on our list. These dolls were very popular in previous years and have embraced the modern day with an updated wardrobe. There are twelve to choose from and each doll has their own unique look and facial expression as well as a birth certificate.

Furby10. Furby
One of the biggest toys this Christmas is undoubtedly the new and improved Furby. We have already seen the Furby a little over a decade ago, but it is back with plenty of improvements thanks to the advances in technology which the makers of the Furby have embraced with open arms. LED eyes, and an app for Apple devices to translate the “Furbish” language are just a couple.

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