The Christmas Countdown

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Now that Halloween is over, I’m afraid the C word is going to be heard rather a lot. Yes, that’s right, Christmas.

This can place dread into the hearts of many, parents and grandparents in particular. It can be hard to hand over your hard earned cash towards yet another plastic toy or electronic game that will cause sibling squabbles and stress (and probably break before New Year anyway)

Why not buy something that will be adored, used, abused and still be going strong next Christmas? Something that will be shared, can even be given as a joint present, will not clutter up the house and will promote good health and imaginative play?

Here at Climbing Frames UK we have the ideal gift. Any of our fabulous climbing frames or wooden playhouses will make the perfect Christmas present, and with over 50 products there is something for everybody.

If you are worried about getting delivery in time for Christmas, our delivery timescale is 5 to 10 working days from purchase, and with 52 days until the big day, this gives you plenty of time.

Unsure about shelling out a large amount in one go? We have a Pre-Order system where you can put down only 10% to hold it at that price.

If you are hoping for a bargain before Christmas, our Black Friday sale is not to be missed. With huge savings on our top quality frames and playhouses.

Ridgeview Deluxe

Climbing Frames UK is THE leading independent retailer of wooden garden play equipment and wooden climbing frames manufactured by Selwood. We also have a huge selection of outdoor toys. We sell all of our products at unbeatable prices, and we safety test everything to both EN-71 and ASTM safety testing standards so that we can be confident that what we are selling you is as safe as it can be.

Safety Testing Standards


If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

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