Climbing Frames Accessories & Essentials!

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At Selwood we also sell Drill kits and Accessories to add to your sets or for DIY to build your own Climbing Frame!

Selwood Drill Kit
All of our climbing frames and playhouses come completely flat packed for home assembly. All of the fixture and fittings are included but do you have the correct tools to build it?
Why not purchase a brand new 14.4v cordless drill/driver pack with your playset to ensure you have all the right tools ready for when you kids climbing frame or swing arrives?

This Drill comes with a number of different heads and drill bits. Please Click HERE to view more.

Rock Wall Rocks
Rock wall rocks are a brilliant addition to any play centre, providing another method of getting up to the raised platform. They help children develop their core strength and fine motor skills.

Rock walls can be added to any of our sets. As a spare or as a replacement. They can also be purchased for DIY use.

JumpSport GamePak
Are you thinking of buying a trampoline? Or maybe you already have one! Why not purchase our GamePak?

This pack includes Illustrated Book of 20 Games, 3 Squishy Balls, 4 Shock Cords, 1 Box of Sidewalk Chalk, and a Whole lot of Fun! This allows the kids to learn Safe Team Play, Develop Stamina, Balance, Coordination, and Agility.

Wooden Ground Anchors
Ground anchors are highly recommended to peg down any play structure to ensure maximum stability. Our wooden ground anchors are provided with all of our climbing frames as standard.
These anchors are made of solid pine and are easy to attach to the bottom of any play structure.

Belt Swings
We sell a number of belt swings. With different colour seat and different rope lengths.

yellow-swing_27-11-2012-3-48-57Belt swings are made from supple, flexible plastic which wraps around the hips and provides comfort and support for your child as they swing. The plastic is UV-resistant, meaning it won’t fade in the sun and the ropes are soft to the touch so even your littlest little one can swing away to their heart’s content, without fear of hurting their hands.
To view all of our Swings & DIY accessories Please click HERE:

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