Climbing Frame Accessories

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We know that our climbing frames look amazing and provide a lot of entertainment for your little ones. But we also know that the kids always want more! That’s why accessories are always a favourite with parents – anything to keep their little ones occupied for a little longer! There are so many different accessories, available to purchase that will complement your climbing frame perfectly. All are made of high quality materials, in bright colours and best of all, any required hardware comes included! More Accessories available direct from them.

Climbing frame accessories

Jumbo Binoculars
One of our favourite accessories, these Jumbo Binoculars are bound to be a hit with the kids. They are made from heavy duty green and yellow plastic and contain clear lenses which do not magnify (for obvious reasons!). They will spark your child’s imagination and provide hours of entertainment!

Jumbo Telescope
Another firm favourite with the kids, the Jumbo Telescope will turn any climbing frame into a wonderful pirate ship! The Jumbo Telescope is made from green and yellow plastic and it has a clear lens that does not magnify. So there will be no trouble with the neighbours and the kids can enjoy many hours outside in the sunshine!

Captain’s Wheel
What better way to truly transform your climbing frame into a speedy pirate ship, sailing out to conquer the Seven Seas, than with the Captain’s Wheel? This brilliant accessory is made from bright yellow plastic with detailing around the outer edge. The wheel can be turned and makes a realistic clicking sound when used – exactly like the sound of a ship, being craftily maneuvered across the treacherous ocean…

Steering Wheel
This durable plastic, green Steering Wheel will spark the imaginations of your children. Is the climbing frame a speeding motor car, or a trundling lorry? Are we cruising down long, dusty motorway or are we hurtling around tricky race track? The wheel actually works, making imaginative play a reality!

Novelty Phones
These two Novelty Phones are the perfect accessory for chatty children! Communication is important – how else are the residents of the upper levels of the climbing frame supposed to organise a picnic with the residents of the lower levels? The buttons can be pressed in and the phones hook on to a matching green cradle. Please note that these phones do not connect to any UK mobile network – great news for Mum and Dad… No outrageous phone bills!

Fireman’s Pole
The Fireman’s Pole is a lovely addition to any climbing frame that features a 4ft, 5ft or 6ft play deck. The pole comes in one size. You simply need to concrete the pole into the ground until it measures the height you require. Painted in a lovely natural green colour, the Fireman’s Pole will complement any frame and provide another exciting exit for your children – perfect if the queue for the slide is always long!

Trapeze Bar
The Trapeze Bar is must-have item for any climbing frame! The ropes are soft to the touch and the trapeze bar and rings are made from durable, UV-resistant plastic. The fixings at the top of the trapeze ropes are universal, meaning the Trapeze Bar can fit any climbing frame! So if you have little gymnasts-in-training, this is the perfect accessory for you!

Baby Bucket
Just because the youngest members of the family can’t hurtle down a slide or shimmee up a rock wall doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the climbing frame too! Take a look at our Baby Bucket swing seat, perfect for toddlers up to the age of 3 years! The seat has high sides to prevent any falls and the ropes are soft to touch so young children can grip on tight without hurting themselves. The fixings at the top of the ropes are universal so this baby seat will easily attach to any frame!

The Glider swing is a wonderful accessory for families with several children who want to avoid arguments over the swings! Two children can swing together back-to-back on the Glider and of course, if there aren’t any companions available, a child can swing alone! Made from heavy duty green and yellow, UV-resistant plastic, the Glider can hold two children with a combined weight of 100kg. The swing ropes are soft to touch, just like the other swings we have on offer. There are big handle bars for the kids to grip on to and footrests for their feet too!

Monkey Bars
The Selwood Monkey Bars are a must-have if you have little rascals to keep preoccupied! A long-time favourite with children, these monkey bars are suitable for climbing frames with a 4ft play deck. Monkey bars are great for improving a child’s motor skills and coordination as well as for tiring them out!

Lower Playhouses
We also have lower playhouses to complement our frames. Why not take a look? Here is a blog we prepared earlier!

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