Climbing Frame Buying Tips

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Becoming a parent opens up a whole new world in many different ways. Things you never thought were important before become vital, like climbing frames. Many of our customers have never had to buy a climbing frame before so we thought we would make life a little easier and put together a few buying tips courtesy of the UK site Climbing Frames UK Customer Service Team.

How much space do I need?

This may seem obvious but size restrictions play a huge role when buying a climbing frame. Consider how much outdoor space you have before you set your sights on a particular climbing frame. We suggest leaving a 1.5m perimeter of space around your swing set so children can swing and play freely and safely. (Note: This is just a suggestion and not a requirement.) To make things even easier we have a filter which divides the climbing frames into those best suited to small, medium and large gardens.


Longevity – Age of children

Another important consideration is the age of your children. Our play sets are aimed at children aged 3-10 years old, although the bigger sets may be a little challenging for younger children in the same way the smaller play sets are not really designed for older ones. However, a wider range of features and higher deck heights could be better value in the long run as they will grow with your family. Baby seats put on larger climbing frames are a great idea if you have older and younger children.


What Features do I need?

Our climbing frames come with a whole host of different features. A great place to start is to think about what features your children would get the best use out of. Do they love monkey bars? Would they like a trapeze bar? Would a spiral slide be better than a straight slide? To make this easier you can now filter your search depending on what features each swing set has. Some of our new frames feature the monkey/swing combo beam. This is swings, glider and monkey bars all on one beam which is a great space saver. (Note: Remove swings and glider before using the monkey bar.)


Need advice?

Ask us. Here at Climbing Frames UK We have an expert customer service team who really know their climbing frame stuff and are here to answer your questions big or small. We are open from 8.30 am ‘til 10pm on weekdays. You can call us or if it’s more convenient we now have Live Chat. This is a fantastic messaging service on our website which connects you to one of our advisors immediately. Great for when making a phone call just isn’t convenient.


We have such a wide range of climbing frames we guarantee there will be one to suit your garden, children and budget. Use our filter to refine your search and contact us if you have any questions at all.


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