Climbing Frame Maintenance

For those of you who have already have purchased one of our Selwood climbing frames or playhouses, you will be thinking about how to care for it and what maintenance is required, especially when we are faced with such changing weather conditions!

Now is the right time of year to be having a good spring clean and a tidy up. Your climbing frame will last for a long time, especially if you care for it correctly.

Protecting against the elements will help to guarantee that your frame lasts, providing years of fun play for your children.


Look over the frame and wipe any leaves or debris off if the children have not used it for a while. Check the rope fixings, remember to tighten all of the bolts if necessary. The temperature fluctuations through autumn, winter and spring, combined with the rain and moisture levels make the wood within your set expand and contract as it heats and cools, and absorbs or loses moisture. This can cause bolts, screws etc to loosen so you’re best to have a quick check to ensure they’re all tight.


It may be a good idea to start to think about using a wood stain on your frame. Our great range of climbing frames is constructed of high-quality cedar wood which should not splinter or crack. Cedar is highly rot resistant so there is no need for any chemical treatments.

Our frames come pre-stained with an attractive finish to compliment any garden environment. We do recommend that in time you treat the wood with a stain to give added protection – It’s normal for the stain to wear off leaving the natural colour of the wood to show though so go for a redwood stain to remain in keeping with the colour on your frame already.

By protecting this cedar wood with a stain, you are guarding against any natural cracking turning into unnatural splintering. Cedar Wood parts of the climbing frames are a natural product, therefore particularly susceptible to changes in the weather due to expansions and contractions caused by getting wet and drying out.

Which Stain?

We now sell our own Selwood Wood Stain & Protector. It is a multi-purpose and versatile wood stain & protector for wooden climbing frames and playhouses, or other wooden garden products if you wish. Our wood stain and protector offers high quality wood protection, weather proofing and protecting all varieties of outdoor timber with a waterproof coating that also resists algal and fungal attack. Applying wood stain and protector will minimise the damaging effects caused by weathering, such as cracks and splinters.

Easy to apply, and fast drying our water based wood stain and protector is child/pet/plant friendly because it doesn’t contain turpentine, white spirit or heavy metals, and because it’s water based it’s has very low VOCA’s (volatile organic compounds).

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Spring clean your frame for long lasting play throughout the summer and make sure the children enjoy plenty of outside play in the garden this year.

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