Climbing Frame Safety

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childrenClimbing frames are first and foremost an item designed for fun. But due to the nature of them, they need to be safe. Here at Climbing Frames UK we know the importance of safety and so our frames and kids playhouses are made from top quality Cedar wood, contain no nasty chemical treatments and

With climbing frames aimed at those 3-12 years, those first years of climbing frame play will need some close supervision. From the age 2-3 toddlers will start to climb higher this means they are getting ready for mini-adventures including of course climbing frames

It’s not for a company that sells climbing frames to tell you how to supervise your children. What we can do is ensure our equipment meets and exceeds safety regulations, and advise safety clearance areas. Safety surfacing guidelines, age recommendations and general safety tips specific to what we provide you.

  • Supervise children at all times
  • Keep floors free of trip hazards
  • Use fitted safety harness for prams, high chairs, baby seats etc..
  • Never leave babies unattended on raised surfaces

Children playing will push boundaries, this has an element of risk. Stairs, draws, sofas near windows all look like things that can be climbed to a young child. However, you know these aren’t safe and accidents happen. These things are prone to tipping over and falling on top a child who lacks the strength to free them self. This becomes a really big problem with things like draw strings on curtains or any looped rope

climbing frame is secured using ground anchors and also assembled on a level surface is a must. Maintenance is also essential, checking bolts and screws haven’t come loose and protruding from counter sunk positions. These could cause scratches or gashes on exposed skin.

Checking for EN71 and ASTM marks on packaging should reassure you that the play equipment is safe.

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