Climbing Frames for just 18p a day.

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Expensive days out, DVD’S, XBOX games – they all add up. What about a play park in your own garden for just 18p a day? A recent survey carried out for food manufacturer Arla’s Kids Closer to Nature campaign revealed that 44% more children are now playing outdoors than they were years ago. This makes sense when you think of the expense of the endless stream of electronic games, games consoles, DVD’s and electronic toys which have a very short shelf life.

Investing in a climbing frame from is the best way to ensure your children are kept entertained and active without breaking the bank. One of our best-selling climbing frames, The Queensland, is currently £526. If you buy this when your children are 2 and have it until they are 10 that is 8 years use. So…

365 (days in a year) x 8 (Amount of years)= 2920 (days in total)
(cost of climbing frame)£526 /(days)2920 = 18p per day
If you have 2 children that is just 9p per child, per day!

What else can you get for 18p per day? We’ve been thinking and any other ideas for keeping children entertained are a lot more costly. A DVD like the new Puss in Boots is £10.99 and might get watched once, maybe twice. So this is £10.99 or £5.49, if you’re lucky, a time. If you were to play a new DVD every day that is a whopping £4011.35 a year. Even if it was a new DVD every weekend that is still £571 a year for just a couple of hours entertainment at a time, maximum.

How about a trip to the local soft play centre? That’s about £5.00 per child. If you have 2 children that’s £10 + Lunch which is another £4 per child. A total of £18 minimum (without the petrol money or any treats for Mum and Dad). £18 every weekend is £936!

A Climbing frame in your garden means no petrol, no expensive lunches out and lots of money saved. Our climbing frames are guaranteed against rot and decay for 10 years so can be used by several siblings over a large period of time. Reducing the cost even further. Even after the 10 years the climbing frame may well still have an eBay value.

Of course the fact that they are exercising and enjoying the fresh air is priceless.

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